Poly Pipe Metric Blue Line PN12.5 50mm x 150m



Poly Pipe Metric Blue Line PN12.5 50mm x 150m

Poly Pipe Metric Blue Line PN12.5 50mm x 150m is pressure rated polyethylene pipe designed for pressure applications as per AS4130 and manufactured in Australia. Blue line Polyethelene Pipe is most commonly rated to 1250 kpa (PN12.5).

  • Suitable for installation according to AS 3500.1:2003 “Water services”
  • Blue Stripe for easy identification
  • Electrofusion Heat-fused jointing systems for larger size pipes create a monolithic structure that is stronger than the pipe itself, and completely leak-free. This eliminates rubber seals which can fail over time, also solving root intrusion problems, and provides pipeline integrity where installed in unstable ground. No dangerous chemicals or glues involved in jointing.
  • No anchor or thrust blocks are needed to prevent joint blow-out when using heat fusion welded jointing. Correctly made heat fusion joints may be expected to last the life of the system and withstand thrust/end loads equal to the strength of the pipe/ fitting without adding external restraint or thrust blocking.
  • Extreme flexibility of pipe allows cold bending to accommodate minor changes in direction.
  • Large range of fittings available, providing flexibility of design.
  • Pressure rating of PN12.5 (1250 kPa) at 20°C, including safety factor of 1.25.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 “Polyethylene – PE – pipes for pressure applications” and AS/NZS 4129 “Fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications”


Product Dimensions
Product Thickness
13.6 SDR (3.68mm)
Product Diameter
Roll Length
Product Weight
Pressure Rating PN12.5
Larger diameters and custom lengths can be coiled to order.

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